Back to Cairo to fall in love.

After my touring in a Cruise from Luxor to Aswan I went back to Cairo for one night to say goodbye. But I didn’t know that also was to fall in love.

I took a flight from Aswan to Cairo and stayed in a hotel in Giza. I was really tired after my entire trip in Egypt. I didn’t sleep well for two weeks with all the travel and the tour so I really needed relax.

A guy which I met in Luxor text me and asked me to go to have dinner. So I said yes. First of all because It was my last night in Cairo and also because I really liked this guy. I didn’t know him before. Was just a guy who was on my facebook .We never spoken. But like I told you before, we made a huge connection when we met in Karnak temple.

We did fell in love at first sight. And it was all so special. I wasn’t thinking about meeting someone in my trip.

Can you imagine going to your favorite country in the whole world, meet that magical places that you dream about it. And also have a huge connection with someone. Yeah sometimes just happen. I was lucky.

But it was complicated. Because I had someone else waiting for me in my country. But I let this happen. I didn’t think much.

We went to have dinner to a restaurant with just the view of the Nile River. It was so romantic. Yeah Egyptians have something. They have a lot.

The hotel was really strict about having a woman with man alone. So we couldn’t stay much time there.

I had one entire day to enjoy Egypt before my flight to Paris. So we decided to go to the pyramids. I was still looking for the perfect picture.

So we went there but it was late. The place closes at 4 pm. So he made an arrangement with people who have horses to go around the desert and see the pyramids from the other side. Another romantic thing from him. And we went there. From the other side of the place, where you can see all the pyramids. It looks like a postal.

The sunset, the pyramids and him.

And after the sunset we went to the Nile. We just stay there watching each other for hours. I didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to stop that moment forever.

We said goodbye at the airport. But I knew that this was not going to be the last time we saw each other.

I don’t usually write about this kind of personal things. But this came with my trip and it was an important part of it. So I decided this had to be in my blog.


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