Beach day in the Red Sea: Hurghada

So we had this day off. So I decided that we could spent the day in the beach. You can’t go to Egypt and not going to the Red Sea. In this case we choose Hurghada. Its a beautiful place with a lot of resorts in the east coast. Its 4 hours from Luxor. And you have on the way beautiful landscapes with mountains and desert.

We spent a whole day in the beach. Blue water with little fishes. Such a perfect way to spent an amazing day with your friends. But in Hurghada you must go to dive. Is something you can’t forget, even if you are a little scare, trust me, it’s worth it. So we stay in a resort all inclusive till afternoon. We had to go back to Luxor, so this was just for the day. To go to this places you need a permission from the government, and you only can stay there before afternoon, if you are going just for the day.

So we went to dive. I was excited but at the same time worried because this was my first time diving. We went to an abandoned boat. Like an hour from the seashore. But it was amazing. A lot of fishes, from different colors. So beautiful. I don’t have much say. It was a day to get relax. The next day each of my friends split up for different places. Some went to Cairo, some others to Dubai, but me…it was time for my Nile Cruise trip.


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