A place called Thebes: Luxor second part.

My third day in Luxor was amazing. We went to look around the city. First: Luxor Temple. Is one of the best temples maintained in terms of its structure in Luxor. There are a lot of columns, big statues of Ramses II and a hall of sphinxes. I took so many good pictures in there. In Egypt it’s amazing how you can go to all these important and smashing places with just a few dollars. The ticket only coasted 7 USD. Like I said, all this great temples from so many years ago just for a few Egyptian Pounds.

After Luxor´s temple we went to see the places where you can buy some stuff, like little statues. One of the things that make me think much about this place was that people from there speaks so many languages. You can find little kids speaking Arabic, English, and French. I remember one the kids asking for food. I went to a McDonalds that was right there and I bought food for him. He was so grateful and happy. He kept saying: Thank you Mama! I think I won’t never forget this little child.

It was afternoon and we were in a hurry to go to the party in the Karnak temple. And this is so funny because I went to a party in Karnak but I couldn’t actually go inside Karnak. Not much sense for me. Another one for my bucket list.

The venue was awesome.  A huge stage and background the temple. Like I told you in other entries, International Djs were playing that night. People from all over the globe. I could meet friends that I had on facebook since a long time ago. This was something amazing. One guy in particular. I think I had him on facebook from like 2 years ago, but we never spoke before that night. He went to me to say Hi and in that moment was like magical. We kept watching each other for like 3 minutes. Things that only happen once in your life I think. Yeah, in that moment I fell completely for him.

Luxor was not just about temples, good people and beautiful places. Was also about love. For me


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