A place called Thebes: Luxor first part.


The days after we didn’t do anything different. But now that I’m thinking I could do so many things in Cairo. Like going to Memphis and see that big statue from Ramses II, or going to a Mosque, another things for my bucket list. We spend the days in my hotel, in the pool. With the nicest view to the Pyramids. We went to a night club. But most of all we were waiting for people from some other countries. Maybe I didn’t say this before, but the idea of going to Egypt, was not just because I wanted since forever, was because a big festival of electronic music with my favorites Djs in Luxor, in the Karnak temple. So people from all over the globe were coming to meet with us there.

That night with one of my friends, we were leaving Cairo on the way to Luxor, on a road trip. You can go on airplane, is just one hour from there, but trust me the landscapes you can see on the way are so beautiful. Imagine the desert, little mountains, and the sunrise. So we spend like eight hours traveling, most of this time I slept. Of course after five days in Egypt I only slept two hours, like I told you before, the city that never sleeps.

And then I was there, in Luxor, in a place before known as Thebes, the place where all the things happened like 2000 years B C. Can you imagine being in a place like that? History all over there. The Nile, the Temples, but that day I just wanted to sleep. So I spent most of my Wednesday in my 5 stars hotel in a little island sleeping. At the pool. And let me tell you that in Luxor the heat is so much worse. So I was waiting for my friends to come that night. The party was on Thursday and Friday and we also wanted to go to some other places. So we were tight.

We had plans to go to some temples and most amazing going to a hot air balloon. So early in the morning we went to a ride in the balloon all over Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. It was so amazing. There you can see the mountains, and the sunrise over The Nile. I have no words to describe that moment. You must go.

After that we went to the Valley of the Kings and queens. The heat was so hard. But is a place you must go if you are in Egypt. We went to a three different tombs: Ramses IV, Merem Ptah (son of Ramses II) and Ramses IX. Usually you can’t choose which tomb you want to see because it depends on the day, if some of them are open or not. We had our guide touring Ahmed (by the way he is awesome if you need a guide just ask me for him). He explained us that the longer the entrance to the sarcophagus was because the Pharaoh had lived a lot of years. So we went to a Merem Ptah tomb that it take us like 30 minutes going down. I was so tired. The heat was awful. But I was in a tomb of a Pharaoh, so I didn’t care much if I was tired. Been there was amazing. You can see hieroglyphs from a thousand years ago still in a good shape. That’s so awesome, because all of this happened like a lot of years ago, and the places are still well maintained. The mystery of the ancient Egyptians.

You are not allow to take pictures inside the tombs. But everything is still in my mind like it were happen yesterday. A thing like that you can’t forget easily.

After that we went to the Queen Hatshepsut temple. It’s a very important one because she was an important queen. The place is big and is in the mountain. The heat was like 53 Celsius. So you can imagine how that was. You can see pictures about this amazing place in my IG account like the rest of the places.

That night we had a Nile pool party in the Hilton hotel with our friends and important Djs. It was a really good night, but we were really tired and a little sick because of the heat of that day.

After the party we went directly to get some rest. The day after we went to the Luxor Temple and we had the big party in Karnak temple.

Wait for the second part in Luxor.


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