Egypt in three days…

First day in Cairo: Egyptian Museum and Faluka time with Shisha.

My first days in Cairo, I still can’t believe that I was there, were just to walk around the City. This first day was at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. It’s a good way to start the trip. A little of a history. The museum is awesome. You have so much to see around that sometimes it was unbelievable to known that I was there, with so many memories. All the art, statues, mummies, the golden mask of Tutankhamon. Yeah I was there!The ticket for the Museum is not expensive at all. 10 USD considering all the history you have right in front of you. Prepare yourself to walk a lot, because you have a lot of places where to go inside. You can do it on your own or you have also guide touring in different languages. That’s a thing that impressedme about Egypt. People speaks so many languages, even the little kids. Well done Egypt.

I had my own guide, was a friend I had there, and I mean had, cause the guy got crazy about me. But I will talk about him later. Maybe.

I went all over the museum, but I couldn’t go to the mummy room. I don’t remember why, but definitely the first thing I would do next time I was there, would be to go straight to that room.

The visit to the museum, and if you do it all good, could take like 4 hours, at least for me. So prepare to feel like you are traveling in time. Cause trust me there is no other museum so special than this one.

After visited the museum, we went with some friends to eat some “Shawarma”and listen Egyptian music inside a Falouka in the Nile. Yeah I think that, right now, you are imagining the perfect postal. And it was. Falouka is like a little boat as you can see on the pictures. You can take one a go around the Nile.Oh the Nile. I have no words to describe that river. I saw once in a movie that someone said: when you drink the water of the Nile it means you will be back. I didn’t drink the water, of course, but I still feel the water in my hands.

I was really tired. My jet lag was so big and I just wanted to sleep after that perfect day I had. But I will tell you something about Egypt. It seems like people don’t sleep in that country. I mean. I stayed there for two weeks and I only slept eight hours. It’s true when people said about Cairo, but meaning about all Egypt: The city that never sleeps. And you won’t sleep either. Trust me.

Like I was saying, my friends didn’t let me go to sleep so we went to a mall, a really big one, called “Mall of Arabia” to have some drinks and finally smoke “Shisha”. I was waiting for that moment, becauseto smoke Shisha is so Arabic, and you know how much I love all Arabic stuff.

That was my first day In Cairo. A perfect day to start my two weeks in that perfect country.

I had to get some rest because tomorrow we were going to spend the day in Alexandria.

A sunny day in Alexandria:

My friend pick me up at my hotel to spend the day in Alexandria. You have lot of thing that you can do in Alex but I didn’t care going anywhere there except stay in some place and look at the sea. Just that. That blue sea.

Alexandria It’s like 3 hours from Cairo. I remember a lot of little girls in the streets because I think it was the last day of school. So there was much people on the streets. We stop in a restaurant, in the street, to eat a typical Egyptian breakfast.

After that, as you can see on the pictures we went around and look at tyhe sea. It was so blue. I was in Alexandria! I still remember sending a voice note to my mom: “Mom finally I’m in Alex! After so many years dreaming about this place, finally I’m here”.

If you are in Alexandria definitely you need to go to the “Citadel of Qaitbay”. It’s a castle. Like a defensive fortress considered one of the most important in the Mediterranean Sea. And it’s pretty too. You have like “windows” where you can see the whole sea and the city. It’s an awesome place.  I went to Europe, and there you have a lot of castles but I didn’t see a castle like that. You must go there if you are planning on going to Egypt.

After the Citadel of Qaitbay, right next to, we went to a museum of mummified fish. I would just say that was a weird place and really cheap. Yeah I didn’t like it.

We walked a lot. That’s the only thing that mattered for me in that moment. Walk and look at the sea. We were really tired. And it was so hot that day.

It was like 4 pm and we were having lunch at same place in the downtown. I ate pasta. Yeah, pasta in Egypt. I have so many problems with food, the only thing I ate there was just pizza and pasta. Damn bell right?

It was like 6 pm and it was almost night. We went to some place there in the beach where literally you can seat at the sand and drink tea and smoke shisha. Was the best part of the day. The weather was perfect and I was sitting in a table in the beach drinking Egyptian tea, listening Egyptian music and smoking shisha. Could that be the perfect way to end the day? I know, I miss going to many places there. Like the famous library. But I didn’t have enough time. Too many things for just one day. Another place I would go next time.

I can define Alexandria like the perfect place to live in. I should move there.

A view from the Pyramids and Cairo Tower:

This was the most awesome day since I came to Egypt. This was the day when we were reunited with my friends from Argentina to go to see the Pyramids. I waited for 3 days in a hotel in front of the Pyramid so you can imagine that I was really excited on going there. We were a lot of people. Some friends from Egypt and some others from my country.

We wake up very early in the morning. It’s important cause if you go late you may have a chance to not go in. And there are always so many people around. The price is not expensive as you can imagine. It only coast 10 USD for foreign people and if you have the chance to go before 11 or 12, I don’t remember well, you can pay an extra and go inside the Great Pyramid. I went three times but it was always late. Another place on my bucket list.

We were inside. It was unbelievable. Three giants Pyramids there (actually there are 114 Pyramids in Egypt). My were dreams in front of me. All the things, that one day, since I was a little girl, I have wanted was right in front of my eyes. You can feel the energy. I swear that’s where you can feel that thing magic I told you once about Egypt. It’s all in that place.

I want to tell you that while I’m writing this blog all the memories came to me and I’m in tears. I still can’t believe that I went to Egypt. It’s Egypt you know. All my dreams to make come true were there. Always.

We took some pictures with the Pyramids behind us. It was really hot that day but it were a lot of things I wanted to do there. First of all and most important: ride a camel. We went with some guy who didn’t allow us to do all the things that a tourist would love to do there. I know, he is Egyptian, but come on! Everybody wants pictures in a camel with the Pyramids behind! Or pictures kissing the sphinx. But he didn’t want to do that so day I couldn’t take the pictures I always wanted. I will talk about this later.

For now I will continue telling you how awesome were been there. There are some guys, the owners of the camels, who let you take pictures and ride the camel in exchange for money, of course. Egypt is all about tourism so you need to help them with this. It was too hot and I started to feel like a little sick because of the heat. I went three times to the Pyramids and always, in the same place, I started to feel sick. That was a weird thing. Like it was too much energy around. I swear. You feel like a huge energy in that place. Is not a lie when people say that a Pyramid gives you energy. It’s true. So can you imagine how much energy can give you three giants Pyramids in front of you?

It was a little late and we left the place because we were tired and wanted to eat something. You have a Pizza Hut right in front of the place. In the middle of the desert (people still thinks that Cairo or Giza is just a desert with Pyramids and not a City). It is not. We went there and spend some time drinking a lot of water. Like I said, it was a hot day. I posted a picture with my friends. Some of them are not friends anymore but this is a good one so I wanted to show you how is the place inside.

We went to our hotels to get some rest because that night the idea was going to The Cairo Tower. It’s a place really tall where you can see the whole city. Go at night. I swear you wouldn’t believe how beautiful is.

I remember some native asking for a selfies with me. I felt like famous there haha. But yeah that was true. I guess they were interest about the way we wear our clothes or we spoke. It was a funny moment.

We ate some hamburgers (yeah, still not Egyptian food) at the restaurant in the top of the tower and then we spent some time at my hotel to drink sodas. Was a really good day. We just wanted to take our phones and see all the pictures we took. One of our friends who had gone with us is a photographer so you can imagine how many good pictures he took. Was an awesome day.

It was time to get some rest.


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